I am an eternal student and teacher of Philosophy, an avid reader (i.e. bookworm/nerd), perpetually caffeinated, southern Californian.  I earned my Ph.D. from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Louvain).

I do have a cat, but I vow to refrain from blogging about her.  This is because: 1) she’s useless, and 2) she’s usually drunk.

When I’m busy ignoring my embarrassing cat I write Philosophy papers.  Some of my recent publications are:

“The Parameters of Ethical Egoism: Analyzing Ayn Rand’s Anthem.”

“More Than a Windshield Wiper: A Beauvoirian Analysis of Project and Other in Flash of Genius

“Katniss’s Triumph; A Review of The Hunger Games”

“Embracing the Absurd in the Literature of Camus”

“Existential Destruction: Beauvoir’s Fictional Portrayal of Woman’s Situation”

“Embodiment and Death Contemplation: A Beauvoirian Analysis” (forthcoming).

Recent presentations:

“Addressing ‘Otherness’ in Work-Family Balance Discourse.”

“Mary Wollstonecraft’s Vision of Virtue Realized and Averted in Young Adult Fiction”

“Alpha Women Characters in Television: a Beauvoirian Analysis”

“New Year’s Resolutions and the Good Life”

“Socrates versus Gadgets: How Technology Impacts Classroom Culture”

and “The Titanic and The Challenger: Using Virtue Ethics to Analyze Engineering Disasters.”

Courses taught/teaching: Existentialism, Introduction to Philosophy, Engineering Ethics, Moral Theory, Business Ethics, Philosophy of Literature and Cinema.

Sometimes I laugh.

Sometimes I laugh.

In the throes of:

An ebook addressing Happiness and College Life.

An Ethics textbook (co-writing with the fabulous philosopher Mark D.White).

Do you need help with your college courses? I’m also the author of this e-book.

Click here to check out reviews. (Much thanks to the wonderful Holly Bliss Rogers for the artwork!)

Click here for my Instagram.

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