Are You A Book Addict?

*This post is inspired by “12 Signs You’re Addicted to Reading” on 101 Books.

Here are 12 more indicators of book addiction:

  1. You have a book bucket list.  It never really gets shorter, only longer.
  2. There are books in every room of your home instead of televisions.
  3. There is no such thing as a partially used or unused Barnes and Noble gift card in your possession.  In fact, when gifted it is most likely spent within a week.
  4. You’ve tweeted a #shelfie.  You object to shelfie being underlined in red by the computer as a misspelling .



  5. If you read a book based on someone’s recommendation and love the book that person becomes an instant BFF.
  6. You facepalm when someone announces they liked Twilight.  Don’t blame yourself.  It’s practically an involuntary reflex.
  7. Scouting out bookstores on vacation is a must.
  8. Hunger poses an irritating interruption during a reading binge.  You’ve most likely grabbed food and brought it back to your reading space.  You shouldn’t be judged for bits of crumbs on your shirt and surrounding area.
  9. When people come to you for book suggestions you can match a book to their interest and personality.
  10. Your version of a gossip magazine is a biography.
  11. You feel compelled to tell everyone about the book you are reading and only notice about 20 minutes in that you’re giving a lecture and not engaged in a conversation.
  12. This is your purse.  Well, it’s mine.

    photo-29 copy

    My everywhere-I-go-bag.

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