Pros to being Introverted

1. Research shows that people develop envy and feelings of emptiness when scrolling through social media news feeds like Facebook and Instagram.  Not so for the introverts.  This is an entirely foreign phenomenon to the introvert.  Pictures of others out and about never summon feelings of envy.

2. Letting people know we are introverts gets us out of awkward conversations quickly.  “It’s not you.  It’s me.  I’m an introvert and must dash off.”

3. This works as well: “Oh no, I can’t go to that thing.  I’m an introvert.” (Sounds much better than “I’m totally into this mystery book at the moment, so…I’m staying in.”)

4. We have “introvert radar.”  When spotting fellow introverts we can have entire conversations comprised solely of eyebrow movements.

How Others Benefit

5. Introverts are awesome sources for book recommendations.

6. That one weird guest who hasn’t noticed that everyone has left the party but still feels like hanging out.  Yeah.  Never the introvert.

7. Gift shopping for us is less than mysterious.  Comfy clothes and coffee will always be the perfect gift.

* Number 1 inspired by the blog post Oh no! FOMO!

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