5 Do’s and Don’ts Before Your Midterm Exam

It is midterm season!


1. Re-write your notes.  Use the syllabus, study guide, and text book to neatly organize the topics.  This may seem tedious, but re-writing your work helps to solidify the information for you.

2. Take 15 minute breaks every hour: get up, walk about, check your twitter account, or do some yoga.  If you study in long stretches then you will only remember the beginning and the end of your study session materials.  Your hard working brain requires a respite to let the material sink in.

3. Pack your bag the night before with pens, pencils, and scantron or essay booklet if needed.

4. Quiz yourself before you go to bed and again when you wake up.

5. Plan to arrive early to the exam (at least 20 minutes). That way you can review your notes, ask a fellow student a question if you are stuck on something, and be completely ready at your desk when the professor walks into the room.


1. Stay up late the night before (and booze is an absolute no-no). You’ll need your rest for thinking.

2. Get into a kerfuffle with your BFF, significant other, co-worker, or family member the day before.

3. Eat junk food.  This makes you groggy and clouds thinking.

4. Forget the details in written answers.  Never approach written work as putting something in a “nutshell.” Do intend to expand and clarify the material to demonstrate knowledge.  It is better to write too much on an exam than not enough.

5. Email the professor late at night with a question like “What’s gonna be on the exam?”

Good luck!

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