5 Things You Shouldn’t Say (or email) to your Professor

1. “Oh, is today the midterm?” If this question escapes your lips then that is a bad sign.  Don’t make it worse by advertising it to the professor.  Just do your best.

2. “I went to your office and you weren’t there.” Professor is aware of her location.  Try “Sorry I missed you.”

3. “I don’t write good.  It’s not my thing.”  You don’t write well.  And, if Twilight can get published then you can crank out an essay.

4.  “I gotta be honest.  I got wasted last night.” No, you do not need to be honest.  Drink some coffee.

5. “I didn’t know what you wanted me to answer on the exam.”  Professor is not a dictator, but thanks for the implication.  Try “I was unsure how to approach the question, and I’d like to do better on the next exam.”

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