Joining a Club on Campus

In the first couple weeks of the term there will be sign-up tables galore for different University clubs.   No matter your interests, there is a club for you. There are social clubs, academic clubs, book clubs, hobby clubs, and political clubs. What are the benefits to joining?

1. Becoming a member of an organization brings you closer to the overall campus community.  Especially if your university is quite large, joining a club automatically makes you feel more at home.  You will meet new people, and perhaps even find a mentor to help you through your classes.  If you are a freshman, for instance, then getting to know juniors and seniors is a great way to get the scoop on classes and other tidbits of college life.

2. Students who join clubs are more likely to graduate college.  The environment of the club keeps you in-tuned with the pulse of the campus life.  Clubs facilitate opportunities to be involved in the broader scope of the college, such as intramural sports, outings, participation in student government, charity, or fundraising for the club.  No matter the type of club (and this includes athletics), the interaction will provide momentum for completing your classes and looking forward to future semesters.

3. Clubs often connect with other campuses and the community.  When you participate you have the chance to expand your contacts and activities. For example, clubs that focus on your major often host guest speakers, offer information on jobs, and are a helpful source for graduate school preparation.

4. This gives you something extra to put on your resume when you are seeking a job post-graduation.  Sometimes students worry about not having enough experience for the job market.  Perhaps your part-time job during college is unrelated to the career you desire.  That is okay.  By participating in a club, organizing an event, or holding an office, you are demonstrating initiative and leadership to future employers.

For more insight on clubs, I’ve created a link here to a nice little article from Cal Poly Pomona’s newspaper The Poly Post.

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